Allow Me To Clarify, Nice & Rough Really ROCKS!

by Sheila Dianne Jacksontinaturner-2

The media has been teasing us about the business of celebrating women in rock.  Rolling Stone honors women in rock and you get spreads of artists like Brittany Spears and Madonna. And when it comes to black women in rock….Well, if you’re in the loop enough to be reading this blog, you know the deal.

There was a recent documentary called, “Women Who Rock.” Here are some of the comments from viewers:

– “Beyonce? Really? Are you kidding me? In a “Women Who Rock” documentary? ”

– “I guess this was called “Women Who Rock”, rather than “Women IN Rock”, because it’s more about women in popular music, rather than women in rock & roll. Okay, but some great rockers were overlooked to make room for various pop singers.”

– “The show was disappointing in that it seemed to dash over, rush through, or just plain omit contributions of some pretty important black female artist…”

Well, I don’t want to complain.  I want to change things.  This multi-media project is my solution.

So for those of you who were wondering if this is just another tease, I want to clarify what Nice & Rough is about.  It’s about the journey of black women who perform rock music.  And the “Rock” in Black Women in Rock is not a statement of how awesome they are.  It refers to the soul-jarring, electric-guitar-rifting, rock genre of music.  Black women have a history and a present in rock music, and my goal is to share it and celebrate it.

Sheila Dianne Jackson is an award-winning author, biographer and CEO of Eve’s Lime Productions. She is Director-Producer of  the upcoming documentary, “Nice & Rough: Black Women IN Rock.”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. faithny says:

    You have to mention Devon Wilson in the film.

  2. faithny says:

    and fayne pridgeon.

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